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Environmental arts therapy and the Tree of life


by Ian Siddons Heginworth

Welcome to the website for the book

This website will tell you about environmental arts therapy, about the book and about Ian. It will also show you some environmental arts therapy images and give you the opportunity to buy the book or contact Ian.


If you are interested in the post graduate certificate in Environmental arts therapy that Ian runs at the London Art Therapy Centre CLICK HERE


Thank you to everyone who has emailed us already, we have had some amazing feedback:

"This book has enlightened, thrilled and floored me."

"This book is proving to be such a friend! "

 "I have recommended this book to everyone I know as an absolutely must have."

If you want to read all the quotes in full go to "What people say".


We think that the book speaks for itself so most of this website is made up from extracts (written in blue).

If you have bought the book and would like to see more environmental arts therapy images go to the Gallery. As client work is confidential and is made to aid the therapeutic journey not for display, all these images are taken from Ian's own personal process work and are shown here simply to illustrate the practise.

Are you reading the book? If so we'd love to hear any comments that you have; please do send us an email.

Would you like to work with Ian? If so go to workshops, storytelling and other books.